Black Girl Magic

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In honor of Black History Month and as a tribute to Black women, we present to you Black Girl Magic, our first coconut wax and double wick candle!

This statement and limited edition luxury candle is intended to encourage Black women everywhere to indulge in self-care and to elicit the communal support of Black women. The strength, magnificence and pure excellence of Black women radiate from this candle!

With the irresistibly complex blend of coconut, honey and vanilla, the magic of this fragrance is intoxicating! If you've ever wondered what Black Girl Magic smells like, this candle is perfect for you!

Comes with black satin pouch.

Women's History Month edition Black Girl Magic candles will include facts about Black women that have played a role in shaping our history.

Burn Time: 25 hours
Candle Jar Dimension: 3.38 inches (height) x 3.19 inches (diameter)