Reconnect With You


Have you been craving some “me” time? Do you feel like you need to do something to destress? It’s time to come back home to yourself, and we have just the companion for you!

The Reconnect With You candle is a custom scent blend, which comes with a curated playlist with self-empowerment songs and some tunes to enjoy yourself and your time alone. The length of the playlist is four (4) hours, which is the length of one (1) full burn cycle. This is the signature candle of Reconnect With You, PLLC, the sister company of Solitude Scents and a private mental health practice specializing in work with entrepreneurs, professionals, and corporations.

The calming vibes of this candle pair best with an experience of you, including taking a hot shower or bath, journaling, meditation, writing, and setting intentions or other rituals. This candle pairs especially well with the Reconnect With You self-exploration gratitude journal:

Notes: lavender, sage, and orange

Burn time: 55 hours